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Reviews for "REBIDENT EBIL"

it wasn't funny at first but as it escalated, i started laughing my ass off. the part where they met john was seriously fucking hilarious, i really liked the part where he went into the menu

'ever since you took this from your mom's room, she's never smiled as much. Tastes funny'

please make more

Another game that'll never be the same again. :) Why the wheelchair, I wonder! A reference to poor control? A neccesary handicap to further enhance the suspense and horror? A random element just to make this random thing? Leaves me wondering, but good stuff.


PhantomArcade responds:

Wheelchair was more of a device for humor, but actually was my way of dodging a Jill sandwich joke. Friends kept pushing for a Jill Sandwich thing, and so then I figured, sandwich... immobile... vegetable... wheelchair!

This is amazing. Awesome work overall.

Looks lovely, but that's really all it has going for it. Feel like every artist's clear talent in this deserves a better script.

Animation and presentation is decent. Writing needs a LOT of work, as it is very juvenile and one dimensional. I struggled to crack a smile once. Nothing here is clever and the joke setups fall terribly flat. I'm also failing to understand why Jill is handicapped. Is this in reference to one of the games? (I've played and beaten many)

Nothing in this made much sense. It's like watching a 10 year old making dick and fart jokes thinking they're the next George Carlin. Try harder. Have a better script before you put in all this work on the animation. This video is unfortunately wasted time, for everyone.