Reviews for "Pokemon Omeger Rubyer Part 3"

Love This Series!

mattyburrito responds:

thanks for keeping up with it!

Oh man this was awesome=D

First off I love Goverfiled, doesn't take crap from no one. Totally badass.

Secondly, I loved that battle between Brendan and Norman, epic fight there. And the way it ended was badass too.

You worked hard on this man, you and everyone who helped you, you all worked hard. I can't wait to see what you guys do next^^

mattyburrito responds:

thanks so much man! Glad you liked it! and thanks for also mentioning the VAs they were all super great to work with and everyone got stuff done in a timely matter (unlike me lol)

dude, what? thanks

mattyburrito responds:

thanks for checking it out!

So many things were done right in this

My god, that Gardevoir is strong as fuck! I mean, in the games there is no way a Gardevoir would survive a Retaliate from a Slaking. Anyway, that was really funny.