Reviews for "Pokemon Omeger Rubyer Part 3"

hey that's pretty good,incredible animation like all that matt does :D

please donate to make gengar levitate

someone LIVE IN THIS CONDO UNIT (srsly why aren't we given an apartment unit or two)

LOL touhou for the alola idol poster???

rich people haunted apartm. ? I don't remember it being haunted. Still irked about that genesect

damnit i dont get the honchcrow's reference/pose.
kirlia uses calm mind: whoa...she's like a teen girl with bipolarism and anger issues...and constantly on her period...
lol brendan blushed. Actually i envied that watson had a stupidly young looking wife...jeez..
margaritaville! XD nice
cloverfield evolved due to rule 34...oh dear...and we don't even know if its a male or female gardevoir or not...
fertilizer + grover = sceptile. nice lol that pokemon go reference
yeah tsureena has bodankadonks alright...
PFFT gardevoir on bike. WE"RE BREAKING UP! Brendan: NUUU! COME BACK!

whats with the scattered trumpets. tapu koffee. is that south american, hawaiian, or african? i hope its kenya beans. It feels like ur being watched...earlier than usual...did you srsly make spiritomb come out of a di**o? oh dear i can't read that sign w/ jp on it....woe is me...
the joys of EV training..haha..ha...haha.......
ouch she put salt on the turtle...which is now a slug...wut..thats slugma...

instinct lol is that a thing? being family friendly? has mudkip been following them all this time...
wwwwwoowwww look at all that wee-i mean...oddish...

lol pokemon only covered free medical insurance till 2nd evolution. Thanks obummie.

lol pokerus = zika virus. nice. hah! loreal as a potion. wait why is metal sonic...
hey wats wrong with eevees. they're cute fuzzballs that can evolve into...fuzzballs...save for vaporeon. that ones a slimy one.

they used feint attack! (me: wtf is feint...faint...ok whatever) gardevoir is somehow lv 32...huh....
synchro doesn't work with sleep FFFFFFF...that feels...

i dunno why i just like using gardevoir as a party member. i gotta have my staple four from platinum.

mattyburrito responds:

thats about al of em! thanks for hunting!

dude, what? thanks

mattyburrito responds:

thanks for checking it out!

Jeb Bush being on the Philippines playing Dota killed me, great job you awesome bastard.

mattyburrito responds:

thanks for watching!

Oh man this was awesome=D

First off I love Goverfiled, doesn't take crap from no one. Totally badass.

Secondly, I loved that battle between Brendan and Norman, epic fight there. And the way it ended was badass too.

You worked hard on this man, you and everyone who helped you, you all worked hard. I can't wait to see what you guys do next^^

mattyburrito responds:

thanks so much man! Glad you liked it! and thanks for also mentioning the VAs they were all super great to work with and everyone got stuff done in a timely matter (unlike me lol)