Reviews for "Pkmn: WoC EP1 Remaster"

Nice work man!

Nice to see it again, good memories. I dont mind the voices a lot, i dont think is neccesary at all, maybe it can be like the first episodes, with just text. It will be cool how everything ends.

Gonna give this 4 stars cause this was a well done remastering of the first episode. Would love to see the entire series remastered. Not 5 stars because i watched with the voices and the computer voices i can tell you changed so they weren't all the same but they were very cringey with pronunciation. I did enjoy this overall and the ending credits were still very good. I really hope you can get the voice actors back.

Just as good as it was back then.

It was nice to see that you're still working on this series, I've been a fan since the original episode one and it's nice to see a remake with interactive battles. This is one of my favorite animations on newgrounds and the only reason my review wasn't a five was because of the computer voices, they sound to dull and emotionless. it would be nice if you could bring back the voice actors, but if you can't that's fine too; after all, i get that people have lives and other priorities.