Reviews for "Revenge of dog"

A very demented work - this is a highly desired trait for game developers.

really fine game but no pee action?!

Unable to progress from the point where I'm tied to the tree. I've watched a walkthrough, but it doesn't work for me.

my badge is gone what should i do ?

This is the game that made me do an account on Newgrounds.
An awesome work with a very good story.
The concept of the game, to me, it's justice. What is justice for you? Can you forgive? That's the obvious point of the game.
We all are player. In this game we are a dog, we make his choices, we make him walk and we make him bark. So, have you made good choices? Did you walked to the right place, where someone needs you?
This game, to me, is awesome because of that feeling of "do you are proud of your decisions?", and we all do not wanna think about the answer.