Reviews for "Revenge of dog"

im gonna give it 5 stars but i wish it was longer

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Cool! thanks for your comment, maybe we'll do a sequel someday ;) we'll post a demo of our new game very soon.

game won't run for me in Edge. sadness. Looks cool though.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Sorry to hear that :( we made some update recently maybe it'll work fine now.... please tell us if it doesn't.

I'm agree with jixonuss2. Medals isn't working, but internet browser has nothing to do with it. Please fix the problem @CrounchyBrothers

Madals don't work, the rabbit don't spawn on chrome, and the game froze after 3 games on mozilla. I just can't rate a gmae when I can't play it.

EDIT : the game works now so...

In the first one i was a hero! :D Incredible game with a great history!