Reviews for "Revenge of dog"

I'm agree with jixonuss2. Medals isn't working, but internet browser has nothing to do with it. Please fix the problem @CrounchyBrothers

Madals don't work, the rabbit don't spawn on chrome, and the game froze after 3 games on mozilla. I just can't rate a gmae when I can't play it.

In the first one i was a hero! :D Incredible game with a great history!

i go to china in my first game, anyway, this game made in 7 days was very, very good. and i get 100% of the game, with some dark and white moments

PD: The occupied medal was funny

its a great game i love how it is unique and goes toward a dark topic but there is a few bugs with the small house with the sheep. it will bug out and the dog would get stuck in the door or it freezes on the secrets.