Reviews for "Revenge of dog"

Excellent! I played using firefox, works fine. Hint: After you get all the endings, do it again in a different order.

Very good game, loved the artwork.
However, can someone tell me how to get the 'occupied' secret unlocked? i feel like i tried everything, but obviously i haven't.

I'M SORRY I WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU FIVE STARs but this game kept making me cry lmao ;_; dogs even just being abandoned gets me in the heart but man all of these endings even one where tHE DOG DIES (i refused to do that one lmao) but omg made in two days and has five endings? biggest congrats on that!! keep up the good work!!

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thank you! I understand your sensitivity ;)

Wonderful game! I love it! short, serveral endings and funny secrets XD
Would like a sequel, one thats maybe a bit longer and with more secrets!
Its a bit buggy on firefox with the medals, but refreshing works perfectly.
Tip for the last secret medals: do the ending, press esc, than space and do the thing. Thats the only way the game sees 'okay, you did ending x first, now you get the secret'

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thanks for your cool feedback! Maybe we'll make it longer someday (revenge of revenge of dog ;)). Yes the medal that doesn't work properly with the Newground system is a known issue and unfortunally we don't know how to fix it ^^'. F5 is the only way to check it out...

cool short game...is graphism even a word tho? dont just spout crap. graphics. Thats all you had to do. shorter. makes sense.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Yes, thanks. But the game gets a little longers because there's several endings to find. By your medals I can see that you only get the "revenge" one ;).