Reviews for "Revenge of dog"

My first ending made me a Hero! Good Game! I love dogs

Very interesting and sweet little game. It's obviously not very polished, but then again, jam games don't have to be.

I like this kind of multiple-ending short games, where each small set of decisions changes the final outcome of the situation. In the skin of an abandoned dog, you have many options open for you. You may choose to be many different things in this short series of events, involving a tiny amount of elements around you, with each ending not needing much more than one or two minutes to unlock.

Another cool thing is that, for every unlocked ending, something in the world changes that keeps you from doing that ending again. Sometimes, these changes are funny, and that's another cool little thing.

The presentation is simple, but cute enough, and the endings include a diversity of different situations, some containing things that may or may not take place with an abandoned dog in real life, and some being just outright crazy and funny.

Being the bleeding heart I am, I love it that someone decided to make an entire game jam revolving around abandoned pets. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy in a strange way.

The presentation is sweet too, while a bit too simple. The controls are a bit annoying at times, but not broken, and overall, it's okay.

Maybe you should have made it so that it's a little bit harder to skip the ending scenes. The first time I skipped one, I didn't know what I was doing. Maybe demand that spacebar is pressed twice would solve this problem?

Very cool game! Once I learned about the rabbit, it was smooth sailing for the endings! I liked that you could view the different endings on the side, the menu changed, and the first ending you got showed at the bottom.

However, I seem to be the only one who cannot figure out the "no one can hear you" and "squeerky chew-toy" medals (although I got the "occupied" one LOL).

Excellent graphics, original concept, good audio and explicit lesson for the bastards that abandon their pets, only a little bit too short and easy. A wonderful example about how to use fantasy for the people who produce boring, repetitive, and creativeless first person shhoting 3d games

Nice game!!