Reviews for "Revenge of dog"

Fantastic use of parallax.

I'm impressed... I would like to see more of this game, maybe part 2?

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Perhaps one day ? But for now we are working on another game. ;-)

Awesome Game man !
Really liked it.

SPOILER: (for those who want and/or can't find the medal
- China: Go left to the "dirt" patch and Dig
- Savage Instinct: When chewing the rope, the rabbit take a small break, grab him
- Hero: Pull your master to the left till he drop his phone, use the cell
- Revenge: Pull your master left... all the way
- Sheep: Go all the way Right, open the fence, get in and close the door
- Herdsman: Go all the way right, open the fance, go back and bark at the sheep (push him inside the fence) then stay outside and close the door... the house door gonna open.
- No one can Hear You: Bark 50 times
- Chew-Toy: After the "HERO", your master gonna drop the toy instead of his phone
- Occupied: After the "HERDSMAN" go to the house door and press down (or bark?)


I would love to play an extended game; This feels like a demo because of how short it is. The game is very cute but also bring to light an ongoing issue with abandoned pets. Can't wait to see more

i am litteraly crying so beautifull