Reviews for "Revenge of dog"

This is the game that made me do an account on Newgrounds.
An awesome work with a very good story.
The concept of the game, to me, it's justice. What is justice for you? Can you forgive? That's the obvious point of the game.
We all are player. In this game we are a dog, we make his choices, we make him walk and we make him bark. So, have you made good choices? Did you walked to the right place, where someone needs you?
This game, to me, is awesome because of that feeling of "do you are proud of your decisions?", and we all do not wanna think about the answer.

Overall a good game. Artwork is very nice, and concepts are good too. One thing that would enhance the experience a lot is if the game would automatically skip the credits and opening cut-scene when you replay the game, as it was very annoying to have to sit through them every time I wanted to re-beat it. Also, it would be nice if instead of relying on newgrounds to give you medals, if there would also be an in-game indicator that you got a certain achievement. I wasn't able to see that I got certain medals until I refreshed. Overall, for a game made in game jam, very good.

A nice concept, very cute and interesting. But there are some serious issues. The game engine is unstable, one minute it works and the next it doesn't. In fact I hard to restart several times because I either could not do anything or it would get stuck after the cut scene. (I'm running it on firefox it also does not work on internet explorer) Medals don't work, managed to get all the endings and no medals. Aside from that though lovely game.

Not sure why, but game isn't working for me on Chrome. Got stuck in the car scene. No words, no sound (Even in the menu, no music.). Just a panting dog and the moving car.

Broken game.

Firefox 53.0.2
- visual bugs (car invisible, rabbit invisible, collar invisible, no subtitles while driving)
- no music on main screen or sounds while in the car

Chrome 57.0.2987.133
- game works more or less fine
- there was a scenario where there was no sheep outside the house...but a sheep opened the door. When I did that several times the game froze
- mobile phone randomly appears left of the body sometimes (so you don't need to drag the body)

On the whole I liked the game's general idea but you need to polish it a bit more. The text is full of errors too.