Reviews for "Writer Man 5"

I'm not exactly a big fan of this type of game, but that is just my preference so I'll try to review this game objectively.
It seems there is a lot of content, that is definitely a good thing.
The interviews repeated a lot of questions, this made them a bit annoying.
The music choice is good and it is an important feature, I didn't grind much but I can imagine 1 song getting repetitive if you put some time in this game.
The overall user interface feels a bit bland. Some backgrounds would be nice. These can even depend on the things you buy (eg. If you buy an apartment you get the inside of an apartment as your background). It would also be nice if you could see pictures of the items you can buy or already bought.

Overall it's a good game but I suggest making the user interface a bit more appealing.

FIL1994 responds:

Thanks for the review and remaining objective.
Those are some good ideas.

It's not letting me submit my name, and I have to do that before I can do anything else :/

FIL1994 responds:

You probably have cookies/local storage disabled.

Better than I was expecting. The UX is actually very polished, but I wouldn't have guess that from the empty load screen, and cumbersome home page.

I'm confused why I should go with a higher quality publisher with a lower royalty, I assume it's for more revenue, but that's not conveyed well.

The fact that you break down how skills affect book types in the description indicates that the game does not make this clear enough, there's also random things I wish had mouse over descriptions, like "compo".

overall, it's an interesting game, that I wouldn't have expected to enjoy.

Change the name

FIL1994 responds:

Thanks for the review.

great game

very similar to writer man 4, I like it.