Reviews for "Writer Man 5"

I really like all the writer mans and i hope you keep up the amazing work.

FIL1994 responds:

Thank you!

Almost Perfect!

The game will be better if it supports interactive response such as when promoting the books.

One thing that confuses me is when do we make promotion? Is it before or after a new book has been released?

FIL1994 responds:

Thanks for the review. Promoting increases a hidden stat (hype/popularity) that increases your book sales. Since it decreases quickly it is generally a better idea to use it after, or a few weeks before, releasing a book.

What browser should I be using? I'm using Chrome and your game doesn't work. Great concept though.

FIL1994 responds:

It should work fine in Chrome. You could try Firefox. I would not recommend IE though.

This game is quite addictive! I'm currently grinding to get four stars and above as review for books. I find that, contrast to the last one, in this it takes longer for me to make higher quality books, however that only makes me want to play it more.
I'd like to see in the next one more varied reviews and interview questions (because after a while it becomes annoying, the questions). Good game!

This game is pretty additive to be honest; one of my books (a thriller and mystery) name 'Detective Pitt' and i've done about 18 books about it so far...maybe its alittle too much.