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Reviews for "Space Hummus"

Gameplay is trash, but story touched my heart. Well done!

dietzribi responds:


The art style is amazing, and the gameplay is smooth! )': just change the 3 stage so i can end the game hahaha

Good Work

dietzribi responds:

Yeah it's missing a good tutorial... See the updated user comments, I've added a hint:
Thanks for playing!

I enjoyed it. 3rd levle was really difficult - I thought at first that this game was about jumping from one planet to another one and not jumping yourself out of the orbit. Great art and sounds.

This is the best kind of Ludum Dare compo games! The ones where I have to check it wasn't a Jam game made by a team in 3 days! Everything is polished and vibrant in it.

It reminds me of They Need to Be Fed, but I love the twist of how this game is relaxed and allows for multiple solutions. I think the 7th level with the magnets was the least fun because of how hard the last challenge in it was. Still, I had a lot of fun playing overall.

I only wished that you used the volcano planets from the final level more in the game.

Took me a second, but once I figured it out - OH. THIS IS SO GOOD. EVEN BETTER THAN ON FIRE 10/10. The music is really nice as well, did you make it yourself or is it public domain?

dietzribi responds:

Thanks man!!! Everything (including the music) was made in 48 hours by me :)