Reviews for "My Name Is Bunny"

I'm honored, the land of opportunity, Ethan. Wow, named after me! I'm going to migrate 8 times to live in myself!

I liked the art direction, it was nice.

To summarise the gameplay though I'd re-title this to "Waiting: The game"

Mantis1 responds:

Agreed! Which is exactly why I'm abandoning the real-time aspects in the remake. Making it turn-based this time.

I enjoyed it. Good enough concept for it to work.

Kind of good, but the thing is i don't understand the message/point of the game.

Mantis1 responds:

It's about the lengths that some people from third-world countries would cross to receive an acceptable standard of living. It's actually also a little autobiographical.

I don't blame you for not getting it :) . This was a prototype made in two days. I'll try to deliver the message better in the remake. For example, I'm removing the "Syria" name-drop because in retrospect it's confusing people.

Man, I was so afraid the ending was gonna be some depressing, preachy shit; so glad that it wasn't!