Reviews for "Death Moon (SHK) ~ imadjinari remix"

Great song!

No, that's not it.

I would give this a 4/5 like the original, but I find some things too repetitive. Also, MANY of the sequences are too quiet unlike the original which always had lots of action, which would've brought it down to a 3/5, but the fact that you added more gave it a 3.5/5.

I'm sorry. I really want to love this song.

Pulvite responds:

Thanks for the feedback m8 ;)

Dude better than any of my songs cuz i noob... lol but can u make a remix of cloud 9 valesco? its really good!

There is nothing I can say is bad about this song EXCEPT that the added lyrics are... well, unnecessary and boring. I would prefer no lyrics, but with how few lyrics there are an instrumental would be more of a waste of time.

Very good remix imadjinari! Good job with that. But... please teach me how to upload songs to geometry dash.. i have alot of songs but all of these cant be in gd.. Please add me to friends in geometry dash (same name what i have on NG)


It's a good song, but I thought the 8-bit part sounded kind of weird compared to the rest of it. The rest of it sounds, well, creepy (sort of) but the 8-bit doesn't really fit.