Reviews for "Cortex's Airship"

Holy shit! Awesome animation skills!

Anioco responds:

Thanks! :D

Great Voice Work as well as Animation.

I love the Crash Twinsanity vibe this gives off (namely how Papu Papu and his tribe attack Cortex, and how Cortex reluctantly turns to Crash for help even after stunning Coco with his gun). Sir Isaac also does a really good impression of Lex Lang's Cortex (the guy who's voiced him since Twinsanity back in 2004). Something that would've made this even better is if N. Gin and maybe N. Tropy also helped Cortex get his airship back from Papu Papu's tribe. Keep up the good work!

This is cable network worthy stuff. What are you doing here in NG? you should making same mad cash.

I like this! This is funny!
Good work!
I don't say! This is my favourite videogame! :)