Reviews for "Cortex's Airship"

Sweet tribute to the title! Voice actors did a great job, music blend naturally with the scenes and animation was cool - a tiny bit sluggish though. Comedy was very, very enjoyable, but not so special.
Also I would have no damn idea the "KRIMMAAA" build-up-thing would go this far.
Overall, great job to everyone! Hope Vicarious Visions and Naughty Dog will notice this.

This was an awesome short toon on Crash Bandicoot.

this is fuCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finding this video in the frontpage was the most random thing to happen to me in a long time. i loved these games so much and they're a really big part of my childhood. seeing this really good animation, voice acting and simple laid back comedy on a video portraying the crash games as a a really made my week. I absolutely love this video and it truly deserves higher recognition for 1. Crash bandicoot and 2. Quality.

Thanks a lot for making this video, really brought back some really really good memories and i wish you the best. much love <3

The animation is top notch, the voice acting is fine too... However, I feel the entire thing should run at about 1.2 times its speed. It's just a bit too slow considering it's about the crazy, energetic Crash games.