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Reviews for "Sonic's Deathbed"

That was really funny! I liked it a lot, great job.

it was a great watch, it was like living the life of the sonic franchise.
sonic boom was a ok game the voice acting in my opinion is what finish it the humor was so dry a desert look like a ocean paradise. it also reminded me that a new sonic game is coming out that may bring sonic back from the dead judging from the game play clip on youtube.

"snif" that was so sad! (ಥ╭╮ಥ) (ݓ_ݓ)

Very well done.

Great animation. Great voices. Well established joke. And everything was delivered paying attention to those details and questions one would've asked afterward like "What if Mario gave him a 1up?" well there it is, its not a very respectful thing to do, reviving those who want to stay dead. The drama was real and the video ended where it should've ended. Great work.