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Reviews for "Sonic's Deathbed"


So real.
Good stuff the animation was a bit choppy but the comedic effect was in full force.

you missed a chance of drawing Sonic with a funny death-bed face. Hi's face is too "Sonic" for someone who's dying.

Anyway, the mushroom part got me. You won my heart.

Im forced to give you half cause the video honestly...... was... not funny. lol but I get it..... AAAH what the hell one more.
Anyway Yeah, Sonic Adventure was cool for a start up... (Still really wasn't that good.) but honestly, it went south from there. People ( everyone involved) has to be fired. and remade. we need a programmer, animator coder, and a few good indie artists, that enjoy old games. Have em play the good sonic games. (Honestly Mario games arent that good either.) and make SOMETHING NEW AND NOT SHITTY that revolves completelly around Sonic running... Maybe a free roam world that would allow it. Customiseable characters each with different traits. Tails would fly obviously, but THEYD BE ABLE TO GET OFF THE FUCKING ROBOT! and maybe lend it to someone else for example... maybe a MMOG involving racing through realms and shit... I dont know what kids are into these days... Fuck it... anyway you get the jest... Something new. that grows into a successful and fun re playable game... not a crack head brother that lives in the attic smoking crack and literally doing nothing with its life just wasting away till that one day where he dies like a light bug-a moth... Stuck to the light bulb. Or in this case the 99 Cent bin at your local gas station.

Wow.. that was depressing as fuck. You do know Sonic Mania is coming out, right?