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Reviews for "Sonic's Deathbed"

Did not really care for that too much. The animation was very nice, but was there any other point than: sonic games turned bad, so let him die already? Maybe try focussing on your story a little more, what is happening, why do I want to see the end, what is the kicker, if it is sad: what is the moment your audience gets goosebumps, if it is funny: when will they laugh?

from thought I can assume they been using sonic kind of excessively and may have gone to hell...
aside from that... I thought that this was very interesting and heartwarming. due to how much sega is kind of shit when still using sonic... I thought it made sense how shadow stops Mario. but of course 5/5 for this amazing work ^^

Was this representing a new Sonic game or just sonic dying in general?

Now that was tragic.

Sonic is dead? This make me happy. You know Mario pulled the plug right?