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Reviews for "Sonic's Deathbed"

Mario pulling out the 1-up is just my favorite part.

Those SEGA bastards worked Sonic to death with all the shit they put him through. Heartless eggheads TT^TT
Lol good work at animating it, but I feel as if some of the characters were traced. Nevertheless, great work at capturing the emotions that they expressed. At least Mario had enough of a heart to see Sonic one last time and offered his 1+ mushroom to heal him. Again, great job :D

Ant0on responds:

Its depressing what Sega has been doing to Sonic, but who knows how long until it realizes its too late to bring Sonic back...
About the animation, lol I did use some traced stuff (I feel kinda guilty), since I wanted to have the Sonic gang as realistic as possible in the shortest time available. Im glad you liked it overall, but yeah, I normally never do tracing in my films.
BTW sorry for clicking "Not helpful" on the review, my mouse was acting weird so I clicked randomly by accident lol

Holy shit.

This was really good but the outro killed the mood :D

That was really funny! I liked it a lot, great job.