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Reviews for "Sonic's Deathbed"

Grim, Dark, Truthful

The three words to describe this video. The Sonic Fanbase is a poisoned basin and the game series has fallen to pieces. This is a good representation of barely surviving series. At this point, we should let the Sonic series die. Though I would like to see Sonic go out with a bang. Sonic Mania hopefully will be what helps end the series on a proper note, if not help revitalize a long, buried in the ground, series for one moment.

Though, as dark as this is. I do like the respect for the Sonic series and time put into this animation. Also it's a nice touch adding the games poisoning the series on a table. It really puts it in serious perspective how fucked Sonic is as a character. As a fan of the old games, I give a tip of my hat to what was once Sonic.

Ant0on responds:

Thank you. Sadly, there is much more poison in the Sonic franchise than what we saw on the table...

Wow, really well done. Well put together, and very very true.. They should just let sonic die.. The franchise had a good run..

I wanna laugh on the fact that sega released a new sonic game basically killing him but he died which was sad so i had a mixture feelings of sadness & Wanna laugh my fucking ass off

Shadow understood that sometimes.... you just have to let a franchise die.

it was a great watch, it was like living the life of the sonic franchise.
sonic boom was a ok game the voice acting in my opinion is what finish it the humor was so dry a desert look like a ocean paradise. it also reminded me that a new sonic game is coming out that may bring sonic back from the dead judging from the game play clip on youtube.