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Reviews for "The Ritual 2"

Yeah, I'm not following these games. It's probably because I'm too lazy to really advance that much. This is still nice. I like the good graphics. This one is pretty easy to understand. It actually kind of reminds me of the animation from "Phineas And Ferb".

The music is well suiting too. I can always appreciate the creativity. The voices are pretty good. There's nothing really wrong with this. I'm just not into point and click adventure games.

Very nice puzzle !

The name on the library card is "Gideon's Granny". That's her legal name. I laughed at that. Of course, then why is she signing the letter she left on the fridge for her grandson by using her last name? That's awfully formal.

It's a nice little "escape from" game, not too complicated, no ridiculously hidden tiny targets to click on, everything is in plain sight. It's kind of bland though, what with the predictable ending, of COURSE they were going to summon their mean teacher when they summoned the most evil person on the planet, there was no other way that could turn out.

The walkthrough did not work for me, not on my browser at least. And I'm not above cheating when I'm slightly impatient. But I still did it on my own when I was forced to. So I'll tell you what I did (even if it works for you, who knows how long the walkthrough will be available, I've seen them disappear before). You naysayers down below in the comments whining about how degenerate these 2 guys are, you just are butthurt over the fact that you couldn't solve the game, aren't you? Sad, really. Sure, it's a pity they don't put as much effort into their study as they do into their necromancy, it should be easy for them, and they don't have any sympathy for someone they trick into eating dirt or cheese they cover in mold they found somewhere and calling it blue cheese, but so what. Without that, there'd be no game, and it was a decently worthwhile little adventure.

So here it is, my written walkthrough: All right, so use the screwdriver to open the panel of the cabinet lock. I trapped the fireflies in the jar to use as the light source, the couch change to pay for the cheap cake (that bakery is NOT expensive! That has got to be the cheapest bakery ever. Well, I don't know what kind of coins those were, with the concentric circles, it's probably canadian money or euros or something, maybe that coin is like 5 CAD or 5 euros or something.) the name of the woman in the grave was the password to open the tomb and get the container to hold the graveyard dirt, I used the cloth with the raspberry sauce to make the Latvian flag, I used the numbers in the wiring exposed with the screwdriver in SOME permutation to open the cabinet, I used the graveyard mold with the cheese to make the blue cheese. The 9 colors of the 3 flags sequentially were the combination to the safe in the pizza place and that contained the basil, and you get the cauldron by using the pizza joint's phone number as found on Ms. Granny's refrigerator. That's everything that could conceivably stump anyone, I think.

well this time most of the puzzels whar a challega in a way
end yes the joke on the finaly is alweys a kickker

Ritual series is among best of Carmel games because puzzles are harder then usual. In this game they were easier then in the first part trough.
I loved that the flag code was not fully displayed so a player either has to know that flag, look it up or remember it. I just liked that you have to know how the Latvian flag looks without game telling you this so unless you are a Latvian, you must have some geography knowledge or look it up.
The cabinet in ritual room was the hardest to crack, very careful observation required to notice screws and even after that I don't know how to put the numbers in order just got right by luck after some time.
The cemetery puzzle was ridiculously easy, especially compared to first Ritual game. The keyword should not have been written with bigger letters so players could look at possible words and decipher which word is the keyword.

I predicted the ending just seconds before it happened, right after I completed all puzzles and stopped thinking about them and sat back to watch the ending, but it was still a decent and humorous ending.

As all Carmel games - short and lacking movement animation, but I will give a nice score for a bit more inventive puzzles then usual.