Reviews for "Crisis Command"

Interesting game here

So this was an interesting game and I wanted to play it most of the "DAY" but there needs to be more interactivity more control by the users, the "MEDALS" were a nice touch but I would still suggest more control on this maybe buttons within the game to activate different elements and actions, anyways it was decent.

I would still suggest more control on this maybe buttons within the game to activate different elements and actions


It's OK, but limited, there's too little control and after a while the peeps don't randomly go far enough to get any more trees, and you've got enough stuff killing monsters that you can't tell them to get more trees. Bit of tweaking and this could be a lot better.

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

I intentionally let the game field deterioration to make a point and to make the game end eventually. It's supposed to be a short game. It's just an experimental game.
But I learn from the comments people really don't feel good about "leveling down" or about not being able to control everything. We gamers truly are control freaks :)
I guess if I release another game of this style I'll get the mechanics to meet some more conventional gaming needs.

Honestly, it just seems like a bad mix of lemmings and stronghold. Which are still fun, considering their respective beginnings. There is room for improvement, so I do hope to see what you'll do with it soon.

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

Thank you

Maybe not soon cause I'm building too many games xD

This reminds me of old Newgrounds semi-RTS Kingdom, only with a more bottom-down view. It has issues (I know that that's the point of the game, but the villagers enter crisis mode too occasionally), but I cn see it being improved. Going back to my comparison to Kingdom, the author later released a Steam version that fixed the issues it had AND MADE BANK.

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

Thanks :)
I'll give the game you mentioned a try. I love semi-RTSs

I like the concept of this game too, and I totally understand that game jam games don't always get "finished", but it would be cool if, when you make decisions, you could force humans to prioritize wheat or lumber... I kept running into the problem of my humans doing a lot of forestry and then they'd all starve xD
That being said, I did play 3 rounds and got 2 achievements :D

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

Thanks for the review :)

Yeah one goal is to balance wheat and lumber. And you can only prioritize them in the brief "crisis" moments. But if you get too much lumber then you get more "crisis" moments (eventually, but famine will already start by then probably)...So, that's the balance of the game.

It's a really idle game where you don't do much XD ... It's not supposed to be very exciting, but somehow I got addicted to playing it myself, so I wanted to share.