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Reviews for "Soda Dungeon Lite"

me like this

Great and amazing game, but there are a few things you need to fix. If you fix these things you'll have a great game!
1. The auto AI:
I'm the kind of dude who likes to go from the beginning all the way to the place I was at, but a lot of the times the AI will waste their mp on a regular rat when it will only take a few swings to take him down. what I'm saying is, program the AI to be more thrifty.
2. Saving Content: please fix the saving so that it will know what file I'm accessing by just typing in the code shown for the files.
3. The Armory: The Armory is WWWWAAAAAYYYYYY to slow when it comes to releasing new gear, by the time they start selling flame swords i'm already at demon sheids!

Aside from those problems this game is AMAZING! if you haven't yet got the full version, I recommend you do! this game is the PERFECT MOBILE GAME! I hope you at least consider fixing at least one of the problems listed.

9/10 gud gaem!!!!111one!

game is lit

An awesome game

its awesome