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Reviews for "Soda Dungeon Lite"

loved it awsome game

zuccing me.

Very well done, if this were the full version sadly i can't play the full version based on the computer type I'm using, a mac, you should send it to apple computers so you can get more downloads on steam, anyways, well done, the game is fast its simple and its colorful as well, and it also makes it much easier, and you can do the game while you make sandwich (LOL).

this is the greatest game I have ever played in my life though I'm giving it 4.5 because it sucks that everything in the VIP area of the shop requires the full game to buy (i had to delete clash of clans to get it) but all in all it's great. needs helmets for armor though

I frequent this site for when I cant play input heavy games due to the lack of a mouse, and this game has entertained me through my winter break when I travel with a laptop :)

The balancing works incredibly well, and the progression left me with not a single boring moment. I havent even checked out the arena yet, and I've put up to 5 hours into the game.
All in all really good, from the music to the loot system to the steady progression.

5 outta 5 bby