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Reviews for "Soda Dungeon Lite"

thought this would be one of those games i would enjoy for only an hour, but it due to its awesome pixel art,humor, and other awesome factors, it became a classic in my book! I especially appreciate being able to easily transfer my save file to all the other places i can play my game. It made downloading it from the app store an obvious choice.

Its alright but a bit boring when every character after the first 100 levels are just rebranded sprites of every other character it would be nice if there was at least a few unique one in there. Although i will say Soda Dungeon looks better then it did a few years ago when the only change was color... There does seems to be a steep change in progress when you move to dimension 2 as you can get to level 400 and not find a single rare where as dimension 1 you pass level 100 and get 1-5 rares a run.

Fun game a little repetitive but there is a nice auto feature to allow you to skip through which i really like. I went ahead saved my progress and transferred to the full version on Android. I haven't quite beat it yet but i still enjoy playing it when it gets to the difficult stages that require you to actually play. Excellent for passing the time!

ehh... i mean... it's good, but I put several hours into it and the next day it deleted all my progress. so, i just can't get back into it.

Great game!