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Reviews for "Soda Dungeon Lite"

This game is nice, but i have some complaints that ruins the experience a half:
-I dont understand why you have to re-hire the group every time you lose. You lose your members?!
-In the store the equipped items also appears in the sell menu
-When you have to buy a item, you dont know if is better or worse. You can put an up or down arrow like Final Fantasy.
Plz, fix this errors, the game is great.
-Its almost useless battle like normal. Its better activate always the auto button.
-There´s a glitch: When you equip the rock and you activate the auto button, you can use infinite rocks.
-And for some reason i cant upload the save file to the steam version. It says upload failed: connection timed out.

quite addictive, would score higher if you could play the full version and it actually saved your progress in a way that doesn't rely7 on you not clearing your browser history; for those unaware i strongly recommend clearing your browser history, including cookies often.


Very addicting.

love it if it was full game i put it in the first favorite game :3