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Reviews for "Soda Dungeon Lite"


you can auto and watch youtube lol :3

I can´t seem to upload my file. u.u

My bottom line: It was a grindy RPG demo that could sort of play itself. It had some initial charm and just enough old-school variety and strategy to keep me (or it) playing for a few dozen hours, but I was left with neither a fully satisfying end nor much desire to play the full game.

This was probably my first idle game. (Did Pocket Fighter count?) The disposable adventurer concept was a little different, and the dialogue during my first trip into the dungeon was funny and left me wishing for more. Combat and progress were fun at first, the tunes were good, and the graphics were old-school, but a bit better than palette swaps. Things got a little boring after awhile, and I got discouraged when I saw there was an achievement for level 1000. Then the fairly obvious occured to me, to let the team refight some of the earlier levels on auto, and pick up the items I missed. The combat strategy gradually sank in, that I needed an MMORPG team of roles, to put damage in the back row for the backstab bonus, to balance survival and offense, etc. And I got past level 1000.
The music and sound effects did eventually get a little tiresome, and I felt obligated to declutter my inventory often. A few things in the VIP menu tempted me, especially the ability to record loadouts, which could have saved me SO much time. It would have also been nice if I could have adjusted my team members' AI, though working with it and around it was still sort of interesting. I got the impression that some bosses were left out of levels 200, 300, etc. One more at level 1000, or at least a congratulatory 'now try the full game' message, would have been more satisfying than just the start of another loop.
I doubt I'll PLAY the full game, but I am tempted to GET the full game, if only to save my Soda progress from vanishing with a cookie. The Lite version was well worth the price of free (and thanks for that).

enemy uses sleep,enemy uses sleep,etc. etc. you are fucked,how amusing....