Reviews for "Lift Up"

Short, simple, cute and fun.
Took a bit of time to get to the ending - not sure if it's because it required Rocket to jump up as well (as when I tried to go up there myself, nothing happened) or because of a bug.

Regardless, I liked it.

aeveis responds:

There's another ending if you go up by yourself, but I probably set the timer for too long to make sure Rocket isn't there- you'll have to wait a bit at home. This has been adjusted. Thanks!

i havnt seen i smoother control than this AWESOME MAN (but the story ......)

Very cute game. My only problem is that it was too short. Controls were great, characters were great, and the art style is great.

I really like this game!!!

Really sweet characters, and I got the "good ending" :3

I'd love to see more of those two.