Reviews for "Lift Up"

i havnt seen i smoother control than this AWESOME MAN (but the story ......)

Short and simple game.
I did notice one semi major glitch:
If the red dragon accidentally winds up on the upper platform, you must reset the game.
(happened to me)

aeveis responds:

If you wait/move to the right, Rocket should come back down eventually. Thanks for playing!

Short, simple, cute and fun.
Took a bit of time to get to the ending - not sure if it's because it required Rocket to jump up as well (as when I tried to go up there myself, nothing happened) or because of a bug.

Regardless, I liked it.

aeveis responds:

There's another ending if you go up by yourself, but I probably set the timer for too long to make sure Rocket isn't there- you'll have to wait a bit at home. This has been adjusted. Thanks!

Very nice!