Reviews for "Another Man's Treasure"

Wow, this is impressive on every level I can think of. Visually striking and impressively original. Great integration of music. A twist that I legit did not see coming... great stuff. this was impressive

The timing is great! i love it

Love the way the jackal moves!!!

Loved it, I can understand that the art and animation wasn't supposed to be this video's strong suit so I knew to focus on the concept.

It was mind fringey, schizophrenic like and it's my kind of thing, when the jackal walked up to the guy and sliced his stomach up and then threw him into a pit where there was more corpses, the jackal took his place as some sort of punishment. That is just cool, there's this message in this video that you're trying to convey and I like that it's not just some random illegible video. Nice job!

Woowee this gave some serious chills. Loved the rawness of the traditional medium and how the bass guitar is played eerily without accompaniment. Look forward to seeing any work you may post in the future :)