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Reviews for "Monster Hordes"

I can't get past the How to Play section, it freezes when it explains what the runes do. I click on the check mark to go to the next but it does nothing, and music is still playing. So i'm not sure what is happening or if anyone one else is having this problem.

You can just keep on clicking the death rune and it will kill most enemies. I got by using only the first "warrior" summon type on "Normal" difficulty. Very boring.

Just your generic, no effort mobile phone game.

Game has various bugs, for example you can keep reusing the runes when they are invisible, just keep clicking at their spots, allowing for a too easy game when you can infinitely heal your units or just spam the death rune and repair castle rune.

Using magic spells too much will freeze wave transitions, forcing you to reload the game.
Graphic bugs (green squares around the game sprites) will occur when you use the healing rune too often.

Final battle is a joke, the Skeleton King just stands there and 1 hits all your units while being permanently invincible (except to the castle wizards), it's such a waste of time to play through it as the only way for him to die is to wait for the wizards to SLOOOOWWWLLYYY drain his health, which takes ages.
Basically it's a "only use magic spells and runes" stage. The only unit you can deploy that doesn't run to its death is the Princess, who also does nothing on her own.
Such a boring last fight and the "Play final battle again"-button when you beat the final battle is just a joke, who would want to play such a boring and stupid final stage again where you literally can't do anything other than use spells and runes?
Especially considering the slow pace of the game and the slower than slug movement speed of the units, with no speed setting to make things go faster.

The sound effects also are really bland and get on your nerves quickly, just stock, cheap sound effects.
Especially the poison spell sound effect gets so annoying, one single clip repeated over and over for the duration of the spell.
Same for the Skeleton Kings shout.

There are no settings to lower the display quality of the game for a more fluent experience.
All the sprites have very bad .jpg compression, making the game look really ugly.

This is nothing other than a lame promotion for their game to be bought on your mobile phone, unfortunately.
Just your generic no effort, quick money, mobile phone game.


Freezes at the end of tutorial. The check mark button doesn't work.