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Reviews for "Monster Hordes"

Awesome and addictive strategy game! I played it til the end with all maxed out. Only one small complainment: The boss battle was pretty laggy adn buggy, when I threw spells at him he lost his live only like 5-6 seconds after the spell stopped working. But other than that, great game! ;D

rlly nice game,
good job Bubble Box, i've rated 3 stars for mistake.
but this game is 5 stars 12 points from italy (francesco gabbani)

i got 3 stars on the final boss lol

I didn’t know this would be a defense game. I really do love those! It’s been so long since I’ve played them. I guess I just assumed the gameplay would be different. The music is fine. I like the designs of all the creatures.

It gets a bit repetitive, but is still fun. I’m impressed that I was always to get to Day 4. Or is that typical? Anyway, it was good for me. Gotta love those wizards.

I found no problems with this game except for the lack of something to show you better where the warrior would appear on the battlefield. A circle or something like that would have been nice but overall this is a quite solid effort. I hope that now that you returned, you will work on "13 Days After", "13 More Days in Hell", "Hellvolution" and the other games that are in need of a sequel.

All the best!