Reviews for "Fast and Furious Forty-Five"

"Dwayne the Vin Diesel Johnson" I can't stop laughing!

Hey man, don't give me spoilers like that, i was really looking foward to the 45th installment of the series.
Jokes aside, sounds close enough to what it'll be, funny af, good job.

Are you hungry

A fine ass example of satirical exaggeration (honestly not by much) of the popular Franchise series that started out relatively grounded and evolved into a ludicrous (heh, it actually has Luda in it) with ever increasing insane stunts and plots. My absolute favorite thing about this video is that it has real mid 2010s random core aesthetic with the simple flat flash animation juxtaposition with live action sequences of silly actions such as opening the glove box and turning the ac knob shot in serious and deliberate way.

This is good shit if this were youtube 2010 you'd be rich.

It's so good and so true.