Reviews for "Donald Trump and Vladimir"

Normally i would be kind of taking the harder approach to political satire these days but I have to admit this was actually snide, sarcastic, and funny. Honestly I have seensome down right BIASED and propagandized POS animations before where the most evil person is treated like a saint and the least evil person is treated like Satan and Charles Manson's love child. I actually was surprised at this being a true and pure parody.

The visual style and simplicity of it lent well to the parody within. I have to wonder if ANYONE other than me noticed that Pedobear was in Putin's office? I mean that Cameo probably would have fit better at Hillary's house (namely Bill Clinton in a Pedobear costume) but honestly... props for Pedobear!

Your choice of song to parody this with was PURE GENIUS!

Now while not stellar let me tell you why I squeaked a extra half star out. While demonizing Putin and Trump you also demonized Hillary! I mean you made no one out to be innocent or better than the other. And the whole thing with BOTH of them just wanting war for the sake of war...

...if that don't sound like the Fear-mongering Media all the way (And Putin kills Journalists!!! LOL).

This animation was A O K by me!


I wonder who will catch on to that referential joke.

I laughed. I cried. I played golf. I basically declared war on a nation. Now I'm just depressed.

Good quality animation.
A funny concept.

The whole trump and Russia thing is old. But the animation is good.