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Reviews for "FeeSoeeD | Beta"

The graphics are very nice, but you should try to think about how much time players spend waiting and replaying boring parts.
When you fall you have to wait for your lifes to go away, then there's a pause, slow fading, and go back to the start. Jumping takes long so you have to wait to reach the ground. Slow walking with lot's of places without any obstacles make you have to wait to reach something interesting. The slide starts fast but slows down to a moment where almost nothing is happening and you can't control anything.
I didn't play past the tutorial so I can't give a fair rating, but all the waiting is just too boring to even bother.
I hope you work on it more because these are easy problems to fix and the game could probably become quite interesting if you do!

Cool graphics, but pretty boring

Tutorial level is confusing, since it tells wrong info about portals.
Theese portals do not work like in Portal(Flash or PC game), they do not propel you forward, basing on your speed on entering.(Unlike what your tutorial level says)
The game itself looks promising, even the whole "charge-to-propel" portal shooting mechanic is fascinating.
But the b*ll*it about using portals is frustrating, seriously "That should hold a key, the faster the speed."?
What were you thinking?
Took me a whole minute to figure out the true usage of portals.
Next time, try actually TELLING people how to use your Portal Device.

Very neat game! I really liked the effects and the gameplay, but the setting changes don't work for me and the controls are a bit wonky, it's quite hard to control the blue portal and put it right there, where I want it to be.
Anyways, the beta version looks great so far and I'm really excited for the full release! Good luck, Ivan & Vlad!)0))

ITS really nice! BUT there is only one problem the Portal guns controls suck (Sorry) But its an amazing game that needs to come to best game of the month

BUG-Studio responds:

Good afternoon. Thank you for your feedback.
To operate the bullet, you have to press jump (W), and then the bullet will rise up.
But the farther the bullet flies, the lower the speed, and the faster it will fall to the ground.

This is a special feature of the game. We try to make the game challenging and interesting. You can pass the levels with a friend in COOP mode :)