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Reviews for "FeeSoeeD | Beta"

The idea sure is nice, but the gameplay is too slow, and the projectiles are kind of uncontrollable. Remove button "G" and use first mouse button, and let the projectile follow the mousecursor. Keep the idea with the increasing speed of the projectile over time, this is good for the gameplay.

This portal gun projectile stuff is bullshit! Impossible to fly it anywhere. This game is unplayable. Why is this on frontpage anyway? Must be a mistake...

this seems nice but i cant even clear the tutorial. the first time i fell off the ledge before i was able to read the instructions, and the portal wont spawn on the little ledge there, only on the other side. the sound and graphics are great, and my first impression was great because of that, but it shouldnt be so hard just to get through the intro.
i didnt keep trying after ~10 attempts to make the portal (half the time it shot the blue one first and it doesnt seem that the blue one even sticks anywhere), but i hope to see a more finished version soon.
couple of suggestions:
try adding instant respawn checkpoints maybe? that would make it less tedious
consider using arrow keys to move and wasd to control the portals, or vice versa. g is kind of an uncomfortable key

I tried fifty times, I am not your average "casual" gamer. Nope, I did make it to the other side in the tutorial stage. Badly designed controls, or counter-intuitive controls, ... I mean you have taken your time to DESIGN a tutorial stage. Instead of telling how to use WASD, you might want to explain to me, how to use the portal gun correctly.

So you failed at the design of the gameplay itself. And that forces me to give you less than 2 stars.

The art style is interesting, and the portal mechanic is actually kind of unique. But the controls are counter-intuitive and inconsistent, the scant few hints that the "tutorial" provides are either incredibly poorly written or just flat out wrong, and once you get used to everything and start playing the game...it just isn't fun. You don't feel like you're going anywhere and the level design is terrible.

Also, not an assessment of the game, but the developer appears to be a bit of an asshole. Protip: Casually disregarding criticism and blaming your player base for your poor game is idiotic, and it means your game is never going to be any better.