Reviews for "Ink's Sleep DEMO"

Ink it's name cat?

tRipGlyPh responds:

Yes. Ink, or Inky.

this is a very good game i love the adventure. when you make the game can you add a run button or make the cat faster?

Well, that was cute =^.^= As an avid cat lover, I really liked the paws everywhere and the animation (well except Ink tumbling down a chute, like he sometimes did, instead of jumping own and landing on his feet). I liked the eerie environment too. Running around in the "cardboard tunnels" did become a bit tedious, though, I almost had to start taking notes or drawing a map... Oh, and +1 for save points!

I really love the art style and the atmosphere of the game, cant wait to see more!

it looks really good, and i can't wait until its finished but for me it glitched out in the box area i couldn't get into the area with the 4 boxes,. i ended up just watching the walk through to see the rest