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Reviews for "Ink's Sleep DEMO"

Very nice atmosphere. Like the others already mentioned, the first puzzle with the pink bowties was a bit hard to figure out. After trying every possible combination with one pull per bowtie I thought the demo was already over, until I read the comments below.
Other than that I liked it, looking forward to the full game.

I thought it was really fun and I enjoyed the atmosphere. The first maze was a little tricky, maybe just by adding some more landmarks can help people not get so disoriented. Not everyone reads the Author's comments so having in-game instructions on the controls would be nice. *SPOILERS* The pink ties were also tricky just because traditionally someone might think of an order like pull the left then the middle then the right but you have it to where you have to pull it multiple times per bow and without indicators it gets confusing. This is why everyone thinks it is bugged. The only other thing I would change is the puzzle when you have to jump at the right time. All three symbols should take you some place different. Because when you jump on the the two wrongs ones and nothing changes the player might think that it doesn't matter when you jump and they start looking for another way to solve it. This game has a lot of potential though. Keep at it and start taking notes on what your players are saying. Good Luck!

I think it was great im stuck on the part with the swirly thing and the x in the card board tunnels. the one thing i would change would be to make the first puzzle have a little more obvious solution because im seeing a lot of comments on the first puzzle

tRipGlyPh responds:

Thanks for the review. Yes, I'll make 1st puzzle easier.

I love the art style and the music fits really well! The 1st puzzle is a lot harder compared to the rest and it took me a moment to figure out the controls (prob because I hadn't read the author's notes yet), but overall it's really well done.

Looks pretty good so far! ;)
But I couldn't get past the room that had those 3 pink ties...

tRipGlyPh responds: