Reviews for "Ink's Sleep DEMO"

It's really cool, you should finish it. I like the aesthetic of the game.

Interesting concept, but I have a few complaints;
1. It was not made obvious that Inky could jump across ledges with the action key. far from game breaking, but something that shows you this before the box maze would be helpful if this is to be a full length game
2. Game-play seems like it could get stale quick. It works for a short game like this, but if you plan on making it much longer then this, I would recommend you do something to vary it up at points. Doesn't even have to stick for the whole game, just a segment or two.
3. What is the point.
This was a cute little flash game. but you intend to make this game much longer, it's gonna need a point, or a goal, or something to motivate me to continue.
This is the biggest problem I see here; No point. Normally, that's not a problem for quick, experimental flash games, but since you intend to extend the game, this is gonna be what kills it in the long run.

Aside from these, I liked the game. the atmosphere was eerie, but still lighthearted. I am excited for the game to continue, though, as stated above, I have a few concerns. But, I have confidence you'll be able to squash all three, so I ain't too worried.
Best of luck, Gly

Not knowing you can jump makes the second puzzle really annoying.

As soon as I saw the cat sleeping I was hoping this would be an exploration game as a cat, haha. Very cute. Loved the puzzles, they were simple and fun. It also had a spooky feel to it which makes me feel like this can have a great story to it. The controls worked well and I experienced no lag. Great work.

cute. i'm a girl so i think things like this are cute