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Reviews for "Ink's Sleep DEMO"

This is very clever little Demo gives you enough taste of it's smarts yet keeps you wanting more. The maze puzzle can be figured out if you notice subtle signs and just keep traversing the paths. A pause/escape button option to go back to Menu and reset would be great in full version which I hope comes out soon. This is gonna be a great game I believe.

I loved the Demo. The game is really interesting, the art is good, and the sounds really give the user a horror atmosphere. The controls are simple and nice to manage, as well.

My biggest complaint is that areas get closed off and it doesn't really feel like you actually completed them. Which is a problem: most gamers want to complete and explore everything before moving on. So I think some dead space could be cut. Or maybe somehow make it clearer (not through words) that you don't have to visit every item.

For example, i didn't have a problem with the first puzzle, but I actually had to think "oh so these other cardboard boxes are just dead ends and should be ignored, and so should the previous tunnels.

Then with the second puzzle (getting the mouse), I just happened to explore pick the right "rune" to jump down at to immediately get the mouse, so I didn't end up needing to explore, even though it felt like I had missed out on a lot.

I also think there needs to be some more emphasis that you complete a puzzle or that you moved on in the game. Even though I completed the entire demo, it just felt like one long continuous sequence. Giving the game a little more feeling between saves/parts would make it even better.

That said, I really like the game and will definitely play it. Nice job. 5/5.

Got stuck at the bows, but this is an amazing game. Visually striking and creepy in the way you want a dark game to be... good stuff

Hey. Really cool little game you have here. Despite having it's elements of comedy and cuteness with the cat(and the vacuum cleaner part for example), this game does put you in the horror atmosphere relatively well, without exaggerating on jumpscares. The puzzles are obviously the main point of it and they are interestingly made, giving you hints for the solution but still requiring you to think about them. They were pretty interesting to figure out, except for the 1st one, I don't know why I got so stuck at that one, I guess there are multiple ways to interpret the message on the wall, and no "reset" button for the puzzle itself. Since you wanted feedback I went ahead and did a let's play video of this game, recording my blind playthrough experience through it: https://youtu.be/rPA3_KvgxkA . I have to say, that excluding that first puzzle it was a really cool game and you should definitely work on to making a full, finished version. Kudos to you and Good luck.

tRipGlyPh responds:

Thank you for such extensive review! There were many complaints about the first puzzle. I will change something with this.

This game has a genuinely creepy and unsettling atmosphere, which I love! The puzzles are pretty original and not overly complicated. I really like the art style and music/sound effects, they are perfect for this genre in my opinion. The only I'm not giving five stars for this demo is because the first few puzzles were pretty challenging but after that it just seemed to get easier. But either way, I can't wait for the full game!