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Reviews for "Ink's Sleep DEMO"

This game has potential. I never knew vacuum cleaners could be this creepy until now!

Very, VERY promising this.
The atmosphere was just spot-on with it's dark and very bleak tone and the accompanied unsettling music made it all the more creepier. consider me excited for the full game.
(On a side note, I found it really cute how the cat constantly falls down and just casually lands without a care)

Haha, this is all tense, unnerving, creative, and cute at the same time! I love the concept of the game, like how the goal is to catch the ball of yarn and how the enemies are the dog and vacuum cleaner when playing as a cat. The subtle clues for the puzzles are also great! The timed puzzle is also really good. Can't wait to see more!

Love this concept. I hope that you will have a full version of this game soon. =^_^= The kitty is adorable and there's a very creepy atmosphere. I can't wait to see what else you come up with. =^_^=

Gives you a sense of creepy atmosphere!