Reviews for "Ink's Sleep DEMO"

Very, VERY promising this.
The atmosphere was just spot-on with it's dark and very bleak tone and the accompanied unsettling music made it all the more creepier. consider me excited for the full game.
(On a side note, I found it really cute how the cat constantly falls down and just casually lands without a care)

Haha, this is all tense, unnerving, creative, and cute at the same time! I love the concept of the game, like how the goal is to catch the ball of yarn and how the enemies are the dog and vacuum cleaner when playing as a cat. The subtle clues for the puzzles are also great! The timed puzzle is also really good. Can't wait to see more!

Love this concept. I hope that you will have a full version of this game soon. =^_^= The kitty is adorable and there's a very creepy atmosphere. I can't wait to see what else you come up with. =^_^=

Gives you a sense of creepy atmosphere!

This is very clever little Demo gives you enough taste of it's smarts yet keeps you wanting more. The maze puzzle can be figured out if you notice subtle signs and just keep traversing the paths. A pause/escape button option to go back to Menu and reset would be great in full version which I hope comes out soon. This is gonna be a great game I believe.