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Reviews for "XOB"

I really like this kind of puzzles. Wished there were more levels though.

Overall a nice game, even though it's sort of short (unless I'm missing something and the level with "THEND" isn't really the end of the game). Graphics are nice for a minimalistic puzzle game and helped by the effects. Music is overall nice although the sound effects started feeling too repetitive after a while. Level design was appropriately challenging. New mechanics were introduced as the game progressed to keep it interesting. Two small gripes I have are that the movement feels a little too slow and clunky, even for a puzzle game where speed isn't a big issue, and at one point I stepped away from the game to make dinner and came back and it had inexplicably reset to the first level.

Is in this game save?

Just gorgeous. Colors as you move, CRT aesthetic, pleasant background music, level teaches you, 5 stars.

Very nice graphics and effects. Like it! :)