Reviews for "Why Basic Income?"

This is excellent. It's well-animated, and balances the seriousness of a topic like this with evidence for the positives and just a touch of humor and metaphor. Love it!

Well made video. Gorgeous.

To all those saying this message can't work:

What about 20 years from now (or maybe as few as 1-5 years for some occupations) where your job is done by a robot. What now?

Robotics will be able to do almost everything and maybe actually everything.

The only viable long term economic solution I see is a guaranteed basic income and a moderate tax on robot and automation labor.

Another great video about this subject is by CGP Grey, "Humans need not apply"

Thank you for this informative video, basic income is the future, that or a complete revamp of society.

Good video.

It's obvious that as technology advances, a slow transition to a basic income system will be necessary. This is of course not the case with still-developing countries, at least not yet. But I agree that North America is coming to a point like that due to conglomerates such as Google (Alphabet) and Amazon investing more and more into automation.
When the technological peak of humankind aka our "singularity" era comes, we will have no option but to be an ultimate-left society. Of course I'm talking about hundreds of years from now on (if not thousands), but still it's really interesting to see this necessary movements towards the economic left today.

I can't tell who this is targeting. I won't comment much more than that.

adamanimates responds:

Mostly my fellow Canadians, but I'm happy it got featured here too. Message is the same for everywhere, minus the flags.