Reviews for "Why Basic Income?"

But if we just give out money who will do the work!
Answer: The machines that have decreased the need for human labor since the industrial revolution ARE doing the work. The 'problem' of mechanization IS the solution if you count machine labor as a public good and divvy a fraction of the value of the labor they save among the population.

So basically welfare.
Which doesn't work in making poor communities any richer.

adamanimates responds:

Look up the basic income study in India. Poor communities absolutely got richer, and stayed richer, after the study ended.


The idea seems a bit sketchy, but we need solutions to these problems, and this might be it. As long as there is overwhelming evidence that this works, then im not gonna argue. I will give this idea some time because i think it has some worth. Great animation by the way.

I can't speak for anyone else, but if I had the option of playing video games all day, I probably would.

adamanimates responds:

I might for a while too, but then I would get bored and make more animations.

Well made video. Gorgeous.

To all those saying this message can't work:

What about 20 years from now (or maybe as few as 1-5 years for some occupations) where your job is done by a robot. What now?

Robotics will be able to do almost everything and maybe actually everything.

The only viable long term economic solution I see is a guaranteed basic income and a moderate tax on robot and automation labor.

Another great video about this subject is by CGP Grey, "Humans need not apply"