Reviews for "Why Basic Income?"

It is rare to see such a high quality animation for a social-political topic. Images, keyframes, audio, comparisons and script are outstanding! It really keeps my attention and I don't feel information overloaded.

Maybe it could still be improved by adding a comparison for the hard-sceptics, who are not open to the mentioned facts. A thing like the combustion-engine could do, where people could not imagine a motor that works with explosions inside could do anything good.

adamanimates responds:

Thanks a lot. I've been trying all sorts of things to reach the hard skeptics. I think the most effective way is to find out who they respect that supports the idea.

No one seems to know how close the US came to passing this sort of legislation. There used to be 90% support and everyone thought it was inevitable. So I'm thinking of making a new video about Nixon's basic income plan, and how that would have totally changed American society.

Nice quality of animation but it is just another utopia. BTW this thing seems communistic. I hate commies.
+10 for animation
-4 for politics

adamanimates responds:

I suggest reading "Utopia for Realists" by Rutger Bregman. It argues that we've become cynical to visions of a better future because many of the utopian visions of the past have actually come true. We're much richer than we used to be. Now the fight is whether to hoard those riches in the hands of a few, or use them to benefit all of society. We each have our positions in that debate.

By your logic though, Nixon was a communist. There was broad bi-partisan consensus for the ideas I'm talking about in the 60s and early 70s. Nixon's basic income plan was derailed by a study that said divorce rates would go up. Everyone then became more concerned about that. Turned out the data was analyzed wrong and divorce rates barely changed at all. We'd have this policy now if not for that.

yes yes. good luck.

When did Buzzfeed come to Newgrounds?

I don't normally watch movies, let alone political ones. But Basic Income will become a necessity eventually. And the faster it gets support and gets passed in first world nations, the better. I'm an American and I approve this message.

Oh, I'm supposed to talk about the art, animation, and clarity of the message? Everything is built to convey the message both clearly and subtly. Use of color theory and all that.