Reviews for "Why Basic Income?"

Basic Income sounds nice all around.
If it was enacted in the United States (where I live), do you think it would work?

The United States is already in heavy debt (as the whole world knows) and i feel like the money would have to come from somewhere.
Taxing the rich would be difficult, they are already fucked up the U.S. economy, and they'd shoot down any law or program that would cost them any pocket change.

While middle class, people in their mid to late twenties (like me), have bachelor degrees working multiple retail jobs with high school kids and still having trouble paying bills and feeding themselves.

When I go on job interviews for full time work, even though I'm a graduate, they refuse to hire me because I lack work related experience.

I'd be thankful to hear your take or opinion on this.

The argument your trying to make is clear and concise and full of convincing facts and real-life situations.
This video is a good length without being too long.

The character designs are simple but are appropriate.

adamanimates responds:

It might surprise you to learn that the US came very close to passing a basic income in the 60s. Nixon was actually strongly in favor of eliminating poverty until he encountered political resistance within his administration.


If that had passed, other countries would have followed and the world would be very different today.

So it's definitely viable and affordable. The question is entirely about politics.

I proved my sister wasn't doing her fair share because the rarely used large pot kept showing up on my day, as result mom ended both our allowances. We've been hearing since the 50's that robots would eliminate all jobs yet only the elevator operator job has been eliminated but many new jobs have been created. Minimum income is the first step the slavery & the dream of children, because the government give just enough to get by & takes it way to force you to do a job. I spent year stuck in warehouses temp job, & there's no way I'd of worked there if I did not have too. Unemployed includes children, spouses, elderly. Instead try managing debt, as no one buys their house for cash.

adamanimates responds:

We definitely have been hearing since the 50s that robots will eliminate jobs. But I think it's a mistake to conclude that it's not ever going to happen because it hasn't happened yet.

Maybe in your own life you only see the elevator job getting eliminated, but I see it everywhere. Warehouse jobs like you mentioned being done by machines that organize shelves, self-checkouts, self-driving cars and trucks, accounting software, and even animation. Software has changed things so that one person like me can do the job that would have taken six people 20 years ago. We are much more productive now, but wages have not risen since the 70s.

It is the opinion of many economists, not just "the dream of children," that workers should be entitled to the gains made by rising productivity.

I like the message, but Isn't that idea basically communism? Awesome animation by the way. Very clean.

adamanimates responds:

Thanks! The idea's been around for a long time, and is getting more popular now as robots can do more and more things. It's not communism because you'd still have the freedom to do whatever you want. It's just a floor so you have more options. Those who don't like higher taxes on the rich do try to slander it as communism though.

This is excellent. It's well-animated, and balances the seriousness of a topic like this with evidence for the positives and just a touch of humor and metaphor. Love it!

Really nice art style. Must of taken a long time.

I'm going to tell everyone about basic income in Canada... even though I live 5,000 miles away in England.

adamanimates responds:

Many thanks. The message doesn't have to be country-specific. Check out the Green party in the UK. They have a basic income policy all costed out and ready to go.