Reviews for "Why Basic Income?"

Great work on this. The message is silly. But still nice work.
The idea of basic anything for anyone is nonsense.
Need the basics? Work for the basics.

adamanimates responds:

If you disagree with the message, do you also disagree that technological unemployment will be a thing? What would you do if you found yourself unable to find work, through no fault of your own?

There's a great book I recommend to everyone called "Rise of the Robots" by Martin Ford. It might convince you that new jobs being created by technology are far fewer than those being eliminated by it.

Also, in Canada we already have a basic income for seniors called the Canada Pension Plan. It was enacted after finding that lots of seniors were reduced to eating catfood in order to get by. In the US there is Social Security. They have significantly reduced poverty among seniors. Would you scrap these programs because 'basic anything for anyone is nonsense'?

I'm always up for a polite debate if you'd like to PM me.

Just to let people know, Basic Income is just a safety net, is a reassurance for people to know that they wont go on hungry, sick and un-sheltered, is the same as universal healthcare and free tuition, they exist to assure you a minimum quality of life, but the safety nets still need to be taken care of, they need maintenance, for they don't come free, they have to be sustained by an active work force, that keeps on innovating and moving forward to a better work, just because you get a basic income, doesn't means that you can now detach yourself from society and leave it all in the hands of drones to manage.

For once the moment machines become able to self regulate and improve they will stop being machine and pass to be something else, an artificial organism or an advanced AI, which doesn't really has any duty to maintain us, secondly if management is still done by humans, the those humans have to be regulated by society in order to keep a check on power misuse, and a big part of that process comes from being an active member of society, being that as an artist, scientist, engineer, social worker, chef, nurse, teacher, etc.

Total automation and complete BI may make the concept of work as a form to acquire sustenance obsolete, but work will still serve as a form of regulating the system.

Well done video, but don't agree with the message. Giving people cash with no strings attached might work for a time, but if a person can survive without labor then a person will naturally gravitate towards.

adamanimates responds:

It may be counter-intuitive, especially since we've been told all our lives that people are naturally lazy and you shouldn't give out money for nothing. But the evidence actually points in the other direction. In the studies mentioned, people tended to use the basic income to further invest in their businesses or start new ones, thus increasing their incomes from work. In the study in Manitoba, Canada, the only people that cut back their working hours were new mothers and high school kids.

The idea of a basic income really doesn't seem so bad. I was just thinking the other day, that if society evolves to the point where most of our jobs are automated, then why would we need to rely on jobs at all? If people play video games all day that could be fine, if machines manage our duties for us. Grow our crops. Refine our resources. Transport. Service. The prospect of such an AI-oriented society seems scary too, but in a way that'd let us focus on everything we want to focus on, and let the rest take care of itself. Either it'd be a potential WALL-E-like nightmare, or a world where people truly strive to bring new ideas to live, and evolve, and make the world a better place. Purposeless or with place for passion... it's an interesting ideal.

Anyway: an informative, well-animated video that beckons to thought. Nice work.


This is a great, informative video with a lovely animation style. Well done!