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Reviews for "Tetris on Speed"

Oh yeah.....

Forgot that tetris is an actual russian game.... at least i think it is.... oh well anyways it sounds really good....

HouseMasta responds:

thanks for your review darkhelmet21! I enjoy having people appreciate and listen to my work. thanks

Fraggin' Awesome

Insane! You put it together so perfectly! It sounds like the total original GB version!
Crazy fraggin' awesome (Lobo-speak)

HouseMasta responds:

thanks for your review! im glad you liked it!


You are my new religion.

HouseMasta responds:

uhmmm..... thank you?

anyway, thanks for the 10

OMG OMG OMG i love ur music

*hug* i never had a tetris song without saying
a no-no word you get the picture i never had one without cussing at the beginning of the song and this one is so cool! i cant wait to show my friends... Il give you a 5/5+10/10 any time
cause you always are so good at wat u do ur the best in all newgrounds (you know that logo with paragonX9's name on in small text and you hear his song..... you deserve one two!) (tell NEWGROUNDS I SAID THAT=)....) you are my role modle...

HouseMasta responds:

thanks again Baka_sama00 for once again taking the time to make my ratings go up. lol.
it would be nice to share that paragonx9 logo with him, but idk if NG will...... oh well.. thanks again!

This was awesome!

I played this song so loud on my speakers that I couldn't hear anything else afterwards for 10 minutes! I muted my parents yelling at me! Thank you! (Seriously, thx. They are annoying when they yell.)

HouseMasta responds:

hahah wow, thats awesome!