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Reviews for "Tetris on Speed"

hoi! hoi!.....erm oh yeah review :P

i actually like this....does make you want to do that crossarm dance. Very clear/consistent and simple beat. Nice Work ^-^ *breaks a glowstick and does the dance* Hoi! hoi! hoi!


could have been in some area's a bit heavier.....and somewhere between the middle is a little clashing between the main lead and background pad.
Overall a good track.

*XJMATT* stop by my music page sometime :)

HouseMasta responds:

XJMatt! thanks again for reviewing my stuff! glad you liked it!



i like it
it actaly comes me but makes me fall to sleep lol
comes the shabige beast?

HouseMasta responds:

it calms you before sleep?

what the hell is a shabige beast

the best

this is the best thing i have ever heard. good twist of the old song

HouseMasta responds:

thanks mmf10

amazing techno

one of the best freaking tetris songs i have ever heard. i downloaded it and listen to it quite often. there must have been serious effort for such a wounderfull song.


) Simonium
HouseMasta responds:

thanks for the ten, make sure to see my other tetris song, tetris dirty remix which is actually better XD


That's amazing! This is officially my tetris-playing music from now on!

HouseMasta responds:

sweet, im glad you enjoyed it! wow, over 21,000 DLs!